[Share] Dear Holyshinki and Oricon,

Dear Holyshinki and Oricon,

Recently there have been many troubles happened to five of our boys, I think you all know. I’ve just known that the Cassiopeia in Korea has just held a meeting and they decided to split into two.

The first is with Holyshinki, Homin’s supporters. I do not understand what Holyshinki means? HOLY + DongBangShinKi – Dongbang = HOLYSHINKI, is that right?
It’s unreasonable when you can against JYJ like that?
Where are the sayings such as “Always keep the faith”, “Hope to the end” .. ? they are now replaced by “I’m Homin’s fan” or “Supporting for new DBSK”.
Or you all hate them because of their statuses on Twit, don’t you?

OK, maybe as you say, but you can understand Junsu. He just says what he thinks, a man who is suffering from too much pressure from public opinion seeing the bigger hyung of his – YunHo say thank you to Lee Soo Man, the man who is against the current JYJ, if you were in that case, what would you do?

You can consider me as a crazy little girl, but as a fan, I more or less well understand what kind of people Yunho is. I know, Yunho understand how meaningful Junsu is with him even if he do not public it..

But our Junsu is a simple and innocent boy, everyone knows this, so he’ll write on Twit what he has heard immediately, I think, like “hyung` ah, why do you say thank you the people you do not like, you make me so confused… “and boom,that twit is concerned, somewhat exaggerated. Then the SM invovled, and, they traduced our boys, …. But the man considered as the target was completely silent, because he understood his Junsu and he is probably thinking like Junsu, maybe so..

You must understand and must always know that, on both sides JYJ and Homin, nobody is fully right or wrong.

About Orion, I don’t ban you to advocate JYJ, since I understand, they are suffering from more difficulties than Homin a million times. But I can not accept when you say Homin is the traitor, because have you tried putting yourself in their situation?
JYJ can share their feelings, express their anger on Twitter and magazines. But Homin also has to be supervised by the SM, you can see, they did not mention or say about JYJ or frankly, they are not allowed to do that.

I’m so sorry but my friend, you all should stay on earth, right now!!! Do You think Lee Ho Min is a little boy? Can A dictator like him allow Homin to mention to JYJ? When even the contact was also cut off, do you think Homin can thank JYJ in this album? Even if they were allowed to do that, would it be like “thanks for leaving”? Waking up, They are SM, You Know!!!

As for “Keep your head down (Why)”, it is completely a product of SM, Homin has no other choice. Do you remember 2PM, a JYP’s group, as you know, Yin Joung Park is an easy-going person, he respects the opinions of his “chicken”. But he has the right choose the songs for their albums, and either Lee Soo Man does. This song was indirectly hitting a very painful blow to his JYJ, like ” You guys are completely wrong, now let’s see the new DBSK shine here!”…. Yes, Lee Soo Man is really an old fox !

SM is now supervising Homin very closely, as fans, so you know. May SM let Homin contact with JYJ? Of course NOT! But just believe in me, if they are together, only 5 of them, things will be like the old time. They will laugh, cry together as a family.
You must know, the name Cassiopeia was created to support DBSK, do not let it be soiled by the thought of any deviations Orion or Holyshinki or something else.

But Korean Cassiopeia was opening a meeting and decided to split into two sides. I was a 14 year-old girl, you still often consider as a child. But A child like me found that Your dicision is like a child’s one. The slogan “Always Keep The Faith” was cracked by your own work. Has anyone ever felt so lucky to have idols like DBSK? They respect us, and we are interested. They are proud of us because we are the world’s largest FC, which is recorded in Guniess. Jaejoong said that between DBSK was hurted by Cass and Cass was sad because of DBSK, he would choose the first one. Those words, do you remember? But now you are making an unacceptable dicision. Do you think about their feeling? They are hurted by your actions, guys.
Homin and JYJ has never and will never considered them as opponents, you guys are making it become truth. JYJ has never denied they are members of DBSK? Not yet, is it true?
Cass is the tightest tie to bind DBSK together, but the current actions of Cass has made it somewhat lose it’s work.

I ask you please to wake up again, and get away from it, do not let SM gloat on their win. After all of their actions, they have succeeded in cutting off our five gods, so don’t let this scared name Cassiopeia be lost, don’t let SM win once again, please!
Please say “Always keep the faith” if you really believe in a return of our 5 boys.

P/s: Please spread this article as much as posible! Oricon and Holyshinki jus unite, don’t let SM achieve their target!

P/s 2: It’s not mine, just want to share. 

Trans by: Thu Kun
Shared by: Cassiopeia Tran


Source: Facebook


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