Vote for JYJ

In Heaven on MYX

Is there a Cassie who won’t vote for the boys? Brace yourself for JYJ’s In Heaven MYX premiere!

MYX’s online chart voting is now made easier, anyone can do it for FREE! All you have to do is to register at and with your account simply type in “In Heaven – JYJ” on the homepage voting field under “polls” then click ‘vote’. Just do this 3 easy steps as much as you’d want to get JYJ closer to our shores.

If we maintain the #1 spot at the same time we get their album ‘In Heaven’ to chart at #1 the higher the possibilities that JaeJoong, Yuchun, and Junsu will return to the Philippines. CJES will be monitoring the boys’ progress so make sure to VOTE EVERYDAY! Once again, lets take another leap of faith together to bring them back to the Philippines.


February 4 – 10: In Heaven entered the MYX International Top 20 at #20.

February 11 – 17: In Heaven jumps to #10 at the MYX International Top 20 and enters the MYX Hit Chart at #20.


How to Vote

Special thanks to: PolyEast Records & MYX Philippine



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