[FAN MESSAGE] From Korean Cassiopeia

RED is the PRIDE of TVXQ and CASSIOPEIA !!!!


[URGENT INFO] From Korean Cassiopeia To World Fans Of TVXQ : About “RED” identity of Cassiopeia used by EXO’s Fans

Dear TVXQ World Fans,

Hello, TVXQ fans! This is Korean TVXQ fanclub, Cassiopeia. We as Cassiopeia members write this to ask you a favor.

As you know, “Red” is the color which represents the identity of TVXQ. “Red” has been loved by TVXQ world fans including Cassiopeia as the symbol and pride of our TVXQ from 2004 still now, 2012.

It is not a simple color, it is the communication language and nonverbal code between TVXQ and its fans around the world. But, unfortunately, we’ve found that a new group of the same Company is trying to set its image color as almost similar to TVXQ support color, “Red”. They say it’s not completely the same color, but it looks the same when we see a little far, which means…

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